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Since 2005, The 4014 Project has brought live music to rural communities in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, we’ve showcased local music of all styles over the airwaves, we’ve raised hundreds and hundreds of pounds for good causes and we’ve become the face of live music at the Treefest festival.



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Our Next Live Event

Our next open mic will be at the Rose and Crown in Malmesbury on Wednesday, 9th of August, in support of Malmesbury Carnival.

We’ll be starting around 8pm, and will be applying our usual rules of no drumkits, no backing tracks and be nice to each other.

Parking near the Rose & Crown can be tricky - it’s best to park in the town centre and walk down the High Street. Please note this is NOT the pub in nearby Lea village.

This event is free to entry - both for performers and spectators. We will be raising money for the Malmesbury Carnival, so please give generously.

We do not allow feature slots. Just turn up on the night. Timings are arranged on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can tell us if you’re planning on attending by visiting our Facebook group.

Thanks for the interest and we hope to plenty of you down the Rosie very soon!

The 4014 Project Open Mic Rules:

We are keen to allow any performers onto the stage to show off their musical know-how, but over the years we've come up with a few ground rules which we now stick to:

- This is open mic, not karaoke... no backing tapes allowed

- We prefer acoustic music... no drum kits or large amps - percussion is fine.

- We respect venue rules... whatever those rules may be

- We keep to time... if that means 10 minutes a set on a busy night, then so be it

Our events are free to play and free to watch. We want to encourage people into our local venues to enjoy some real music... it might cost us money to run an event, but if it encourages just a handful of people away from the TV for one night, then it's totally worth it.

The 4014 Project


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